A late middle aged canal with a Early Renaissance residence for the future of observing real arts & crafts


The museum is dead, schools are bankrupt.

As a teacher of the visual arts it is my aim to develop an international school of observation for the education and culture industry which will lead to a new universal level of observation in the arts. The observation level of an expert without a degree. An observation level for liberated participation in culture. This is the only process whereby students, teachers, passers-by, invitees, entrepreneurs, musicians, strangers, artists, parents, civil servants, lovers, politicians become conscious of their own control over the process of learning to understand. Learning to understand is learning to observe at a time when being seen is more important than seeing.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is therefore both the school and the museum of the future simultaneously. A superlative institution to broaden personal knowledge to the 9th degree, without changing the rules or norms!

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE flows through the artist’s studio like a new movement. It’s a model where drawing is like a jazz improvisation, painting is like moving images, moving over printing presses and along exhibitions, work benches and libraries, with performances, cabaret shows all combined with science, modern images and languages. Consumed as free time and expression.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is the modern sheltered workshop, which cares for its students and conserves them for visitors. It is a collection of artefacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, religious or even scientific importance, all made in-house. Art which is produced and developed right here and which is always accessible to the public through temporary and permanent exhibitions.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is therefore an event institute, the first living museum school serving the community 24 hours a day, without the pursuit of profit, educating and developing its own community to subsequently give back to that community all the material and immaterial testimonials of its students and teachers.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is a permanent, free, educational, communal and sculptured style of instruction, which does not answer to the prevailing abstract capitalism of the culture industry.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE separates abstraction from the material, in the service of communality, so as not to set the different worlds of a school-in-progress and a museum-remaining-the-same against each other, but instead to cast them together in a mutual alliance.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTEturns teachers into artists again, turns visitors into volunteers, students into tourists.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTEis a film set where education, creation and recreation combine in an artist’s studio devoted to the muses and goddesses of a common sense which is never quite done and dusted.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTEis an open book with a big story, without end and especially without subtitles.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTEis a school museum and a museum school. Parallel to this: is nouvelle vague is unfinished is oeuvre is romantic is work is total is communal is revolution is without end is image is sculpture is exhibition is teacher and slave is monument is movement is fragmentation is montage is time is language is primitive is what if.

what if if the history of one school museum became a playground where we can look into a country, a community, a people, a city, a continent, a world.

what if if every ready-made object were replaced by every beautiful unfinished form.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is sculpture communism!

what if no school museum no longer needed a school building and its straight lines were replaced by the crookedness of its development.

what if the pace of life outside the walls were overwhelmed by the internal market of creation.

what if economics and modern languages take on new significance in the science of colours and become a bad translation of ‘more is less’.

what if teachers donate their power to those who have none.

what if love can be improvisation for more-of-the-same to generate real development of the creative process.

what if minimal means well-made once again. What if the workman’s sheep once again becomes the place where many students and visitors can shear around, what if the big machine no longer exists and many people are needed to make something trivially small.

what if permissiveness gets radically replaced with real freedom and education once again becomes empowering. What if school means free time again and makes room for experimentation, inquiry which doesn’t want territory in a market system which demands final destinations.

what if I as a teacher of the visual arts will not allow myself to be pigeonholed to the ‘something or other’ department, and choose instead for an unutterable vagabond existence. And as imagery which multiplies itself parallel to the life of a place. An if place which receives strangers as they are, but sends them away changed.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is a work floor commitment to reciprocity and continual redistribution of ideas.

what if I am an artist at THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE who constantly translates the space of my own oeuvre and studio.

what if the concrete could look at every possible daily art installation on its base. What would an apprentice take in by considering all that incomplete beauty.

what if a museum school can also be an income distributor for the students who study there. If room and board produce a generation of modern self-understanding.

what would happen if THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE becomes a story with this generation which can be told by its home made artwork. In other words, avant garde made at home. Plinth-less avant-garde in constant development away from the moribund museums and churches.

what if in every set-back residential area like bruges there was a large back room where teachers, students, passers-by, strangers, atheists, converts talk about other things and start drawing to the same model.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is an aesthetic redistribution in an artist’s studio without borders.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is a work anthem for students and visitors.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is a beau-lieu with class without class distinction.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is thoroughbred artistic entrepreneurship.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is a conversation in a language which we have learned to speak ourselves.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is manifestly romantic.

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is belief with amore

THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE is boldly surround observation


what if THE BRUGES ART_INSTITUTE has already been baptised?